ORCA - Organization of Regional Coastal Activists


ORCA (Organization of Regional Coastal Activists) is a network of coastal activists that focuses on training coastal activists about the Coastal Act, helps to educate them as to the process to follow development from initial permit application at the local level up to and including the Coastal Commission, and facilitates networking between coastal advocates throughout the State.

ORCA is a resource for environmental advocacy, but it is not an advocacy group with it's own agenda. ORCA is an educational and networking association. It is structured to empower coastal activists and enable them to become effective advocates.

ORCA Membership

ORCA is for coastal activists and membership is by invitation only.  If you are interested in joining ORCA please email us.  Provide your name, phone number, organization affiliation, if any, and a few words about yourself and your interest in ORCA. 


In the future there will be:

  • A members-only page where ORCA member can communicate with each other
  • An archives page with information about past Coastal Commission decisions and their implications
  • A scientific information page about the latest advances in science that affect coastal resources
  • An issues page to highlight some of the major issues upcoming at the Coastal Commission